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(screencaps of @bbcnews story on 12 Years A Slave winning the TIFF audience award, the linked story, the original tweet from BBCNews’ feed, highlighted by me, and Steve McQueen appears to question the BBC’s life choices in this delightful cap from the TIFF press conference.) 

When did Benedict Cumberbatch become a black man by inference? When BBC News decided that naming him the star of 12 Years A Slave was a better idea than crediting the actual star, Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

ICYMI: During the premiere/press conference, I wrote a couple of posts about the unconscious bias being displayed by the media in coverage of 12 Years A Slave (link to follow-up post/press conference transcription, etc., is at the bottom of that linked post.) 

AGAIN, LET ME EXPLAIN YOU A THING, MEDIA: If a film directed by a black man, written by a black man, and STARRING a black man wins an award and your tweet/news story does not have a picture of a black man on it and doesn’t even mention a black man other than the director until WAAAAAAY down the page, you are being racist. I don’t care if you intend to be, you are. 

Why? Because you are putting a white man who has a supporting role (and not even the big supporting slot occupied by Michael Fassbender or Sarah Paulson) ahead of the STAR OF THE FILM and its director. 

Regardless of how well-known or talented, or what kind of person that white man is, (Don’t hate me, fandom, this is on the BBC and not Benedict Cumberbatch) it does not make him the star. 

Please join me in a loooooong moment of facepalming. 


ETA: IT GOT WORSE. GOOGLE. OH GAWD GOOGLE. Added a cap of the search result for “Author of 12 years A Slave.” Embiggen it. h/t to @laurakeet who found the result. Solomon Noethup. No. Nonono. 

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