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Who is Banksy? The answer may surprise you, but my source is good



Well, last week I blogged to be on the look out for Banksy works around the city of Toronto because his film “Exit through the gift shop” was premiering here. Lo and behold businessmen and rat stencils have appeared and I for one have been wandering around looking at people’s hands in hopes of spotting him. There was even a dude in my gallery today who I was excitedly imagined fit the perfect profile of Banksy – especially because he checked out all the right stuff in here and refused to speak – to not betray a british accent perhaps?

But I was wrong, as were my assumptions from square one. The answer to whom Banksy is not of question of who HE is, but rather who SHE is….

That’s right. You heard me – Banksy is not a him, but is a woman who leads of team of seven people. Any assumptions you had about gender and indentity were purely your own projections, though I don’t think Banksy leading a team is news to anyone. But I really respect Banksy more than ever now.

And who is my source? You’ll have to take me to the Supreme Court of Canada to find that out, but let’s just say it is legit and reliable information, and had the tell-tale ring of truth to it.

So, that may have been a picture of a male team member of Banksy’s. 

it’s kind of sad how many people refuse to believe banksy could be a woman.

Now, this is an interesting perspective. Is it true? I have no idea, but why don’t we consider it more? 

Think about it. 

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    Wow this is fucking cool.
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    elizabeth—frances: *_* YES. Who knows if this true, but it’s my new headcanon. I’m allowed to have headcanon for a...
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    My dad and I were talking the other day about how we either were both secretly hoping Banksy was a woman. … or Stephen...
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    I hope so too. Ah the elusive Banksy, how I love he/she/them
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    Funny… I have always just assumed that Banksy was a woman… Most so many people who choose anonymity in the face of fame...
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    i thought banksy was a “he” because in the movie “exit through the gift shop”, banksy is shown as male, i mean,...
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