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Power feminism is just another scam in which women get to play patriarchs and pretend that the power we seek and gain liberates us.

bell hooks

Let’s talk about this quote for a second.

I remember I attended a college lecture about what feminism means in America and how imperial politics and economic gaps between the West and East render what women want and consider pivotal to their feminism as conflicting and even antagonistic to each other.

My feminism, first and foremost, will always be anti-imperialism.

Imperial politics are dangerous and the very essence of narcissism. Imperial politics demonstrated within a feminist frame usually goes as follows: the most privileged women, ie. those who have access to technology, representation, occupy a particular media-friendly image or ideology and have access to those in higher slots in society are allotted platforms to speak about their experiences as women and without question, this gets presumptuously labelled “women’s experiences”. Being that women who are globally bestowed the highest tier are usually allowed such room to speak, their minimal struggles are then homogenized as the quintessential female experience and misogyny is wholeheartedly announced a tangible issue that can be easily eradicated out of modern Western society.

Its no accident that women of color, women in occupied regions and those who face mass political or economic repression and their words which don’t satisfy neoliberal, imperialist gaze are deemed anti-progressive, race baiters, backwards, terrorist apologists, etc. Our complex, multi-faceted struggles within a white supremacist empire tap into too many accepted status quos for the average American moderate. It forces those who legitimize the war on terror and view racism as an entity of the past to confront their own unsightly prejudices and the systematic brutality their nations enacts on various global societies, as well as within its borders. Its easier to find (and fabricate) any reason to demonize the likes of Trayvon Martin and his family for his own tragic demise or deem young Yemeni children necessary collateral damage for “the greater good” than to examine what other oppressions beyond misogyny exist that unquestionably burden the lives of otherized communities, including and especially the women in said communities.

Power feminism expects women to unanimously rejoice in the presidential election of Hillary Clinton, while her administration carries out the same murderous policies as her predecessors. Power feminism labels any legitimate criticism of influential women as inherent egregious misogyny. Power feminism devalues the loss of women’s lives abroad, while infantizling their independent resistance and stripping their agency by shamelessly declaring intervention as saving them. Power feminism within an imperialistic frame needs the hyper-demonization of otherized communities to justify its occupation. Power feminism can be even more dangerous than ruthless misogyny because of its insidious nature and lack of culpability.

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Mainstream white feminism enacts as much racist, classist, THIEVING, imperialist bullshit on other women as the patriarchy/kyriarchy does.

If we want feminism to accomplish anything, the paradigm has to be broken.






Emails reveal Michigan prisoners regularly served maggot-ridden food, forced to engage in sexual acts for food

Seven months after hiring an outside contractor to feed prisoners in state prisons, Michigan officials are considering scrapping the contract over serious problems ranging from maggots in the food to private contract employees abusing and having sex with prisoners.

According to emails acquired by the Detroit Free Press under the Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act, state officials are at their “wit’s end,” over the complete failure of the Aramark Correctional Services of Philadelphia to control their employees and fulfill the terms of their contract.

In an attempt to save $12 million annually, Michigan outsourced food services to Aramark starting in January of this year, only to receive reports of maggots in the food, unclean kitchens,  food shortages causing increased tensions with the prisoners, as well as Aramark employees smuggling in contraband and assaulting inmates.

One Aramark food service director showed up for work drunk and failed a Breathalyzer test while another was caught trying to smuggle marijuana into the prison.

“I’m at my wit’s end,” Kevin Weissenborn, the Michigan Department of Corrections manager in charge of overseeing Aramark’s contract, wrote to one prison warden in March.

“I know how you feel,” replied Warden Heidi Washington of the Charles E. Egeler Reception & Guidance Center in Jackson. “At first I felt like Lansing thought I was just being too difficult and too demanding because I was always complaining. However, I think everyone knows that’s not the case.”

Although Aramark only employs 300 workers in Michigan’s prisons, 74 Aramark workers have been banned from prison property for various infractions in just six months.

Aramark was fined $98,000 in March for repeated contract violations such as running out of food and making improper substitutions for required menu items.

Gov. Rick Snyder (R) is now considering scrapping the $145-million, three-year contract before the summer heat intensifies, worried over prison unrest.

After reading reports of maggots in the food at two prisons, Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardvill (R-Monroe) called for new bids from other companies.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re prisoners or who they are, people don’t deserve that type of treatment,” Richardville said.

Aramark officials have released a statement claiming they believe many of the complaints stem from prison officials unhappy with outsourcing jobs at the expense of state Corrections Department workers.

THIS IS THE SAME CATERER WE PAY $2000 A SEMESTER FOR!!!!! At University of Texas at Arlington.

People think for some reason that private companies are the way to go. 

like…I legit cannot even wrap my head around the level of evil necessary for this

TW. Lots.


I’m gonna say this once: if you, as a straight dude, can sing the praises of a fictional female character to the high heavens, talk about how awesome and badass and hot she is, and how her skimpy costume (if she has one) is perfectly representative of her character, and defend her in arguments,…

Race, body type, whatever: if you creep on, shame, or otherwise BULLY fellow nerds, GTFO.



Steve King, Asshole of the Day for July 24, 2014

by TeaPartyCat ()

After 6 years almost no one is willing to go "full birther" any more. No one except Donald Trump maybe. You can’t come right out and say Obama wasn’t born in America without people tuning you out, and everyone knows that. Even the people who deep down hate him and feel he is foreign know it.

Rep. Steve King, the xenophobic congressman famous for suggesting that most immigrants are drug mules with cantaloupe-sized calves, starts a speech saying he won’t assert where Obama was born. He’s not a birther, you see. But then he plays to his crowd’s racism by suggesting Obama is foreign:

“His vision of America isn’t like our version of America. That we know,” King said of Obama. “Now I don’t assert where he was born, I will just tell you that we are all certain that he was not raised with an American experience. So these things that beat in our hearts when we hear the National Anthem and when we say the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t beat the same for him.

Now there’s a dog-whistle— “not raised with an American experience”.

It’s true that Obama didn’t live his entire life in America, but he only lived overseas for 3 years as a child. Other than that he lived here, among Americans. His mother was an American. The grandparents he lived with were American.

Of course Rep. King doesn’t even explain what American experience it is that Obama doesn’t have, because he doesn’t have to— he knows that his crowd will know what he means.

We’re all familiar with the “I’m not racist, but…” statements, and how they are all pretty much racist. Once you start putting people in groups and making them all the same in your head, you’re in racist territory. It’s like these people think that racism is only lynchings and Jim Crow laws, and not the wider array of discrimination that happens in life. And what is Rep. King doing if not saying “I’m not a birther, but…”? So when he starts claiming Obama doesn’t have an American experience, it’s obvious what he means. And for that, he is Asshole of the Day.

It is Steve King’s first time as Asshole of the Day.

Full story: Buzzfeed

News Flash:  ”an American Experience” isn’t THE American experience.  The very use of “an American Experience” acknowledges the fact that there are many American experiences, all equally valid.  e pluribus unum, dumbfucker.

Another news flash: the feeling most of us get when we say the pledge of allegiance as kids/teenagers is utter boredom. Most adults, too.

(tho in my school, we were allowed to drop the ‘under god’ if we chose to.  Clearly, we were all dangerous heathens in NJ.)

IS2G, I almost wish one of these assholes would be clueless enough, feel invincible enough, or have the NERVE to just say what they really mean: “He’s BLACK. He doesn’t have the WHITENESS of a REAL AMURRICAN.”

Because those buzzwords: “Patriot,” “Real American,” “Taking our country back,” “Socialist/Communist,” all boil down to ONE THING: A black man is sitting in the Oval Office and the white male hegemony is being THREATENED by, “Those (non-white) people.”

*nb: Listening to BAD RACIST CODING from the right AND left since 2001, and esp since 2008, has made me cranky.



Brain studies find that concern for justice and equality is linked to logic, not emotion.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

A new study finds that people with high “justice sensitivity” are using logic, not emotions.  Subjects were put in a fMRI machine, one that measures ongoing brain activity and shown videos of people acting kindly or cruelly toward a homeless person.

Some respondents reacted more strongly than others — hence the high versus low justice sensitivity — and an analysis of the high sensitivity individuals’ brain activity showed that they were processing the images in the parts of the brain where logic and rationality live.   “Individuals who are sensitive to justice and fairness do not seem to be emotionally driven,” explained one of the scientists, “Rather, they are cognitively driven.”

Activists aren’t angry, they reasonably object to unjust circumstances that they understand all too well.

Image borrowed from Jamie Keiles at Teenagerie, who is a high sensitivity individual.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions, with Myra Marx Ferree. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.




Baseline Study is Google’s new project to figure out “what a healthy human being should be”


Google Inc. (GOOGL) has embarked on what may be its most ambitious and difficult science project ever: a quest inside the human body.


Google. Let’s pretend you’re reading these words, right now, and listen to me. Human beings are DIFFERENT. Is there a general baseline within which we all live—a kind of species-wide butter zone? Of course. That’s what makes us a fucking species. But the kind of essentialist language and thinking you’re using, here, is utter bullshit, and you need to cut it out.

Your language choices—which DO FUCKING MATTER, because connotative weight alters what people think and in what context, because, y’know, LANGUAGE— are moving rapidly in a direction of talking about “The Right Kind Of Bodies,” and the “Right Kind Of Lifestyle.” And if that ISN’T your intention, then you need to take a step back and take a hard look at how you’re saying what you’re saying.

Because this isn’t even to BEGIN discussing the problem of normalized expectations of “health” and “Ability.” Trying to give everyone access to what they might consider their “best” selves is a brilliant goal, sure, whatever, but by even forwarding the project, you’re colouring an expectation of both what that “best” IS and what you think it “Should” look like.

Some people need more protein, some people need less choline, some people need higher levels of phosphates, some people can echolocate, some can live to be 125, every human population has different intestinal bacterial colonies from every other, and when you add all of these things together, you will not necessarily find that each and every human being has the same molecular and atomic distribution in the same PPM/B ranges, nor that when you mix and match, everyone will get to be the best of everything. I’d love it if we could, but everything we’ve ever learned about our species says that “healthy human” is a constantly shifting target, not a static one.

I mean JESUS CHRIST, and here tech people still wonder why “the straights” react so viscerally to technological advances, and drives toward a technologically-augmented humanity? When we skirt the line of eugenics language? When we talk about naturally occurring bio-physiological Facts as though they were in any way indicative of value, without our input? When we’re still fucking up at ethics, at 100mph, then looking back and going, “Shit. Should’ve factored that in. Oops.”

But let’s be clear, here: i’m not a doctor. I’m not a physiologist or a molecular biologist. I could be wrong about how all of these things come together in the human body, and maybe there WILL be something more than a baseline, some set of all species-wide factors which, in the right configuration, say “Healthy Human.”

What I am is I’m just a guy with a fairly detailed understanding of how language and perception affect people’s acceptance of possibilities, their reaction to new (or hauntingly-familiar-but-repackaged) ideas, and their long-term societal expectations and valuations of normalcy. And I’m saying that Google needs to change how they’re talking about a LOT of what they’re doing, these days.

I should go to bed.








The Amazing Spider-man 2. I’m either dead, or in a world of manpain.


As long as I get to make different choices from Maleficent, I’m pretty okay with this… XD


Romancing the Stone.

So the answer is, not in the least.


So, as long as I don’t swim in the ocean, which I don’t like to anyway, or take a crappy little boat, I should be okay.

How to Train Your Dragon.

Fuck me, I’m probably the damn dragon.

You know, if I hadn’t done a movie marathon yesterday, the answer would be so, so different. If I’d done it in a different order, same.

However, I did, and I did it in the order I did, so the answer is What’s Your Number, and apparently, pretty thoroughly, frequently, and enjoyably.

(The other three movies I’ve seen this week were CATWS, The Losers, and Hausu.)

(In that order.)


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So my little sister Brenna had a 15 hour layover in Seattle yesterday while en route to Chicago, so I went to pick her up and spend the day with her. We went to a little game store with the hopes of buying a new game and playing for a few hours in their area for gameplay. We…

The things you think are *just* jokes, or figures of speech, or that don’t matter, do. It doesn’t make us bad people not to know this stuff, or to know why microaggressions, internalized bias, and unconscious bias HURT REAL PEOPLE, because we can learn. Good people, those of us who’d rather do good and add to the world, learn. We are imperfect and we stumble, and that’s okay, the point is to try.

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